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Expedition Unknown

If the current existential parameters require the majority of our conscious functions to play out in this earth bound simulation,  we must continue expedition(s) into the esoteric so that our acquired bounty of knowledge will allow for a clear separation from the mass hallucination(s) within this plane.

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Rise Above Manufactured Hate

Sleeper cells,
Implanted in all,
Manipulated by chemicals,
Activated by transmission,

Balance must be kept,
Praying on the weak,
An anti-conscious attack,
Of mental and physical rage,

The holding of the light,
The center of your wheel,
A meditative state,
The only antidote.

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Natural Connection

Whispers of the trees

Hitching hike upon the breeze

A language lost ,yet understood

Embrace the beauty of the wood


Grounding powers through bare feet

All but soul takes a backseat

Soothing tones the waters bring

Tribal notes the birds do sing


I am you and you are me

Different forms of energy

Connected firmly once again

See you soon my dear old friend







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Reality VS Consciousness

Collective reality is nothing more than a preprogrammed agreement to accept certain theories and opinions as true within defined parameters. Within these parameters, all basic science and mathematics function as foundations for the creation of complex formulas and equations designed to explain and understand the universe and its contents as it relates to perception and sensory processing.

Only through the refusal to accept the defined parameters and therefore the science and math included within them, can one truly begin to explore the endless possibilities of not only human, but all existence.

The need for proof is ultimately eliminated and the absorption of knowledge and understanding becomes the main focus as access to etheric information is granted through the suppression of ego.

This collective consciousness, which includes all esoteric or akashic knowledge is completely unrelated to the collective reality, which serves to perpetuate and support cyclical life cycles that can only function within the master planned program and its parameters.

Anything and everything is possible if you choose to side step your predetermined reality.

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Strike A Chord

When someone strikes a chord with you, they are connecting with you on an emotional or spiritual level. If it’s a positive connection, I think it’s possible,in certain instances, that a signal is being broadcast that lets you know they are part of your clan or “soul crew”. The chord resonates with you because the crew members you have gathered thus far each act as individual notes within that chord. The more complete your crew becomes, the more complex the chord, and the ability to explore arpeggiation becomes possible, allowing the individual members to unlock sequential esoteric information that benefits the chord (or crew) as a whole.

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Spiritual Metamorphosis

Many creatures on this earth go through metamorphosis. It is a natural step on their individual pathway to becoming the creature they are supposed to be. They have no choice in this, it is part of their life cycle.  Humans, on the other hand, do have a choice whether to metaphorically remain in the larval stage or to continue their growth to become a spiritual “adult”.

Spirit is defined as, ” the force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy, and power”.  Your spirit is fed and nurtured through (but not limited to)knowledge, creativity,meditation, understanding, acceptance,love and positive action. Every time spiritual food is consumed, a new layer is woven into the cocoon.

I think where it gets a little tricky in spiritual metamorphosis, is that it might not be possible to become a butterfly in this existence.  The butterfly is the finished product, and the idea seems to be the continual journey to soul or spirit perfection. Perhaps the spirit doesn’t require wings until it’s ready to fly.

So to all my pupa out there, may your quest for wings be fruitful and full of peace and love.