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Past Life

They forced us to fight, to kill for their cause. Our faith was used against us. We watched as they slaughtered those among us who refused their commands.
Our armor bore that cursed symbol, and those who rejected it, we bathed in their blood. The steel in our hands as cold as our hearts, the fall from grace was quick.
Our atrocities knew no bounds. What we stole could never be repaid, an unfathomable debt, and our punishment was immortality.
I am haunted by my memories, but I am not that man anymore. Their treachery is all but forgotten, cloaked in notions of peace and humanity. BUT, I remember. And as the veil becomes thinner, exposing their ritualistic deceptions and wickedness, I wait patiently for redemption.

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New-Clear Disaster


30 years later, the effects of the Chernobyl disaster (4/26/86) have been estimated at 985,000+ deaths between 1986 and 2004 and anywhere from 700 million to 1 billion effected by radiation worldwide.

The World Health Organization (WHO) still sticks by its numbers of only 5-9000 eventual deaths related to the incident and only roughly 200,000 “getting sick”.

So when the WHO, mainstream media outlets, and other govt agencies are reporting that the radiation levels and effects from the Fukushima disaster are minimal, it’s probably time to start worrying.