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Behind The Scenes

This story has already been written, by the same writers, with the same director, under the same production company. The actors are chosen as the story progresses, revolving casts of protagonists and antagonists, while the studio’s publicists continuously sell the drama.

You can either be an extra and perpetuate the narrative or search for another script. I suggest you write your own and maybe even become the star.

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Overlords and Underworlds

The overwhelming acceptance of the romanticized, glamorous vampiric form must be comical to those who quench their thirst for youth during ritualistic torture and sacrifice. The mass injection into all forms of media fulfills the necessary disclosure needed to continue such horrific acts in the Twilight of the Underworld.

Ironically, if we all WEREwolves, we could put an end to all the bullshit.

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Nightmare on 1600

Those with the thirst for power and authority proceed by controlling, altering, and destroying (re)sources instead of allowing coexistence or a “natural state” existence. This is their calling card, which is a threat to all forms in and of this environment and to any freedoms one believes they might possess.

They have created a “hostile life environment” which is becoming the largest HR nightmare anyone has ever seen.

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To Ignore or Know?

Those who live a life of ignorance can never truly experience bliss in this life or the next, those who continuously seek knowledge have the power to control their own destiny.

Once you succumb to IGNORE Рance , fill your life with institutions that promote it, and surround yourself with others who subscribe to it, you have essentially  built a wall around your mind,body and spirit. This metaphorical wall not only keeps people, ideas and knowledge out, it creates a prison that you cannot escape. This is very evident in people who function in absolutes, those who claim to absolutely know the truth or the way. Ultimately, anything that challenges their truth(s) become automatically false.

On the other hand, if your trinity (mind,body,spirit) functions in a state of cognisance or awareness, you are able to remain open-minded and free to explore all possibilities. By not being grounded by absolutes you allow yourself to become elevated and rise above the bullshit.

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1305_bigSunny days like this remind me of the day Mel watched a guy “crash” his bicycle in the park across the street, pull his pants down and insert his hand into his ass all the way up to his wrist. We argued over who would call the cops and how to word the complaint.¬† She called of course, because she’s more responsible. While the event didn’t ruin our day by any means, I’m left wondering if, aside from police intervention, if it was one of the cyclist’s better days. I mean, how many people can say they ended a “crash scene” with ass play? True Story.

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Functioning out of Fear

How to function out of fear:
1) Dismiss all other ideas that challenge your beliefs
2) Attempt to discredit the person(s) who proposes alternative or challenging ideas
3) Allow your ego and emotion(s) to dictate statements & responses.
4) Create a reality that requires only yes/no and true/false answers.

* We’re all guilty. A quick response is not always the best response.