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Journey to Center

I have no excuse for this behavior, and therefore will not be providing any.  Expectations will be equivalent for those who cross or embark on this expedition. Inquisition and criticism are not only welcome, but required. The voiceless will be spoken for, however those reluctant to speak will be expelled for their deficiency. No leaders, JUST followers. Followers of conscious illumination that conspires to extinguish the darkness they have reigned down upon us.


Image: Artist Unknown

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We are Resistance

Knowledge is the key,

Your mind you will set free,

Just one more eye to see,

That we’re in trouble,


But it’s not over yet,

Though imminent the threat,

When placing down your bet,

Make it double,


Assembling of the clans,

How intricate our plan,

Every woman, every man,

In the distance,


Warriors wide awake,

What was stolen we will take,

No more compromise to fake,

We are resistance.




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Participation is Perpetuation 

I cannot, in good conscience and in accordance with my ethics, morals, and principles, participate in or perpetuate a system that uses all its faculties to diminish its own peoples’ wealth, well being, and cognitive abilities so that they may be more easily controlled and therefore unable to assemble to express any form of dissension or resistance to the system.

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Waiting to Ex Hell

The arrogance of man
floods the oceans
like the tears from a mother
who has lost her son

Forgotten dreams
of a parent
that provided everything
only to be stolen from

The gift of breath
acknowledged by thank you notes
written on the forests
that once provided shelter

Former cleansing waters
carry inventive filth
while the star
ignites man’s exhaustive exhale

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Religious Terrorism

It’s been explained to me that a simple interpretation of the Christian Gospel is that Christ died for man’s sins and by accepting Christ as your lord and savior you ascend into heaven as he did when you die. The idea is not to perfect your soul or live a life of morality, you accept that you are not perfect and that all of your decision/actions need not to be over analyzed because the lord recognizes you are not perfect and forgives and loves unconditionally. Also, to question and deny that Christ is your savior is a golden ticket to the fires of hell.  No wonder the self proclaimed Christian nation of Amerika takes issue with aborting possible “children of Christ” but no issue whatsoever when  murdering men, women and children of other nations and cultures for resources and Christian advancement. Quite frankly, I’m surprised Onward Christian Soldiers isn’t the anthem of the U.S. military.  And why wouldn’t followers perform acts that are only self-serving to their beliefs, anything that negatively affects others would be forgiven because Jesus is in their heart and because of this they are ultimately performing the lord’s work. Cut the shit, no higher power would support limited access and the suppression of knowledge, demonizing anything that doesn’t fit into the belief system, eternal damnation for non-believers and killing in the name of God.  It’s worse than racism and sexism, it’s terrorism on so many levels.  So, to my Christian brothers and sisters: May the universe guide you back to the path of embracing humanity, nature, and the interconnection of all things in existence.

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Prostitution, gambling and drugs are illegal (for the most part) because they all are huge producers of revenue that bypass the tax system. Plus since prison privatization occurred in the 90s, the corporate owned penal system makes BILLIONS from the incarcerated who have committed “crimes against morality”
Morality should not be governed by any form of authority because morality is ultimately defined by the individual or the individual’s belief system, both of which have no place whatsoever in the legal system.