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Leaving Clues for Myself

I’m thinking it’s time to start leaving clues for future me. BUT since it might be another couple hundred years before I get back after the burn off, I’m wondering what and where to leave them. And then there’s the format…who knows what language or symbolism, because before I actually “awaken” I’ll have to rely on future scholarly interpretations to guide me. Too much for a Friday…

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Say Nope to Change

Do you really think the powers that be would let the people choose a candidate who would actually have the power to change any part of a government that is the ultimate crowd-funded system of enslavement and oppression? They have duped the population into believing that the people need the government (in its current form) to function, when in all reality they cannot do anything without the people. It’s going to take a collective “nope” to produce a change. I think the enthusiasm and willingness for change is present in most people, we just need to focus our efforts(or lack of) in the right direction(s).

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Prostitution, gambling and drugs are illegal (for the most part) because they all are huge producers of revenue that bypass the tax system. Plus since prison privatization occurred in the 90s, the corporate owned penal system makes BILLIONS from the incarcerated who have committed “crimes against morality”
Morality should not be governed by any form of authority because morality is ultimately defined by the individual or the individual’s belief system, both of which have no place whatsoever in the legal system.

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Breakaway Boxer Patches

OK, someone needs to come up with the breakaway boxer. BUT not for the purposes of complete removal, just for the removal of the “affected” area, some sort of Velcro patch system. That way when the user has any kind of “accident”, from a turtle kiss all the way to full on shrapnel, the user’s favorite boxers can be salvaged. I’m thinking each pair could come with an existing patch and 2 replacements, with the replacements being easily foldable to wallet size. Fancy versions could exist with trendy ” Robert Grahamish” versions with contrasting patch patterns or even mix and match pattern patches. Replacement patches could obviously be ordered through the manufacturer or at a discount on Amazon or eBay. Let’s make this happen, because shit happens, but it shouldn’t ruin your day.

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1305_bigSunny days like this remind me of the day Mel watched a guy “crash” his bicycle in the park across the street, pull his pants down and insert his hand into his ass all the way up to his wrist. We argued over who would call the cops and how to word the complaint.  She called of course, because she’s more responsible. While the event didn’t ruin our day by any means, I’m left wondering if, aside from police intervention, if it was one of the cyclist’s better days. I mean, how many people can say they ended a “crash scene” with ass play? True Story.

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Back to the Basics

I sometimes get consumed by trying to sift through all of the information that’s available on the internet. I find myself looking for historical information and knowledge that can be applied to today and/or used to solve current problems. I also tend to gravitate towards hidden knowledge and elevated forms of math,science, and language. And while this appears to serve me well, I have wondered lately if we all just need a reset that would allow us to rebuild civilization from the ground up. We need to teach people how to grow their own food, make their own clothes,and build and maintain their own houses and property. We need to teach people how to barter and trade services. We need to teach people how to love and care for each other. When we’ve all learned how to function out of love and can provide food,shelter and clothing for ourselves, the rest of the information will be waiting for us to approach it with opened and loving minds.

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Starving the Ego Monster

While human nature directs us towards the emotional needs for acceptance and recognition, it is also important to recognize that this can  lead to an ego driven  distribution of  information and ideas.  Through personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that the my  need for recognition and  value has overshadowed the purpose of me writing in the first place, which is to simply distribute information and provoke thought.  By using language and terms that are not part of everyday conversation I believe I alienate some of the people that I am trying to reach or talk to. I essentially have to separate my writing mind from my talking mind.  It is definitely more important to spread information, theories and ideas than it is to present them in an eloquent, or articulate manner. My wish for “future me” is to present things to people in a manner that encourages (not discourages) conversation or action.