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Tools of the Traitors

The thread so beautiful, is gifted to all that will have it. The needle so sharp , how painless its prick.  To thread the needle’s all seeing eye is effortless, as we have become the seamstress, the tailor, sewing our own eyes, mouths, and ears shut.  Nothing is as it seams.

Image : Artist Unknown

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Banging the War Drums

The banging of the war drums is akin to a music festival where war is celebrated instead of peace and the drugs in circulation are mind contracting snippets of misinformation and propaganda.

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As the crown continues to feed the flames that engulf partisan bound protest and demonstration,  I’m left wondering if another anticivil engagement on American soil will take the place of an apolitical revolution.
As long as the majority of the genpop allow themselves to function with disdain for their fellow citizens, the cephelopodic reach of the masters and their minions will continue to expand.
Let us start this week off with some inner vision and introspection. Once we’ve perfected our self portraits,  we can hopefully refocus ourselves , as a whole, on the big picture.

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Behind The Scenes

This story has already been written, by the same writers, with the same director, under the same production company. The actors are chosen as the story progresses, revolving casts of protagonists and antagonists, while the studio’s publicists continuously sell the drama.

You can either be an extra and perpetuate the narrative or search for another script. I suggest you write your own and maybe even become the star.

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Critical Mass

Uncle Sham spitting lies like bullets,

At a tattered culture that embraces transmission over transformation,
The blissful ignorance of the devolved casts a shadow on the hope of the far between,


As the peepshow’s curtain unveils the perversions of the manipulation,
The masses become more critical, analytical, of the mind fuck that has raped their existence.

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Asleep at the Wheel

Each fabrication of the truth places one more stitch into the eyes of the hibernating masses.  Confrontation needs to be substituted for acceptance and avoidance. The exploration of consciousness, both collective and singular, requires the engagement of an open mind. Only through cognitive exercise can the healing begin, therefore opening the eyes to the truth and taking the wheel to steer clear of manipulative information.