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Asleep at the Wheel

Each fabrication of the truth places one more stitch into the eyes of the hibernating masses.  Confrontation needs to be substituted for acceptance and avoidance. The exploration of consciousness, both collective and singular, requires the engagement of an open mind. Only through cognitive exercise can the healing begin, therefore opening the eyes to the truth and taking the wheel to steer clear of manipulative information.

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Rise Above Manufactured Hate

Sleeper cells,
Implanted in all,
Manipulated by chemicals,
Activated by transmission,

Balance must be kept,
Praying on the weak,
An anti-conscious attack,
Of mental and physical rage,

The holding of the light,
The center of your wheel,
A meditative state,
The only antidote.

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Here I Come With the Wicked

I’ve found the coordinates,
The corner of the park,
Glowing red energy,
From above, from below,
Igniting my power’s pilot light.

Sword in possession, yet dull,
Not sure of the necessity of armour,
A tight grip takes me back,
Travel to the dark ages,
But light always prevails.

Collateral damage,
Minimized by the collection of warriors,
Only bloodlines of the wicked,
Extinguished for eternity,
The walking dead will follow.