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Rite of Passage

From early on in this existence I have felt connected to my habitat, but disconnected from my species. It has been fairly easy for me to mimic behavior(s) in order to be accepted socially and professionally.

By choice, I have slowly revealed my true self to those who have gained my trust and adoration. While the results may vary, the weight of the mask being lifted always nourishes my being.

As I become older, my willingness to participate in “make believe” has greatly diminished. And while the quantity of relationships appears to have mirrored this lack of associative action, I am left with a handful of quality relationships that I could not exist without.


Image: Bruce Rolff

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Eviction Notice

The mark of the beast, left by man, on a world that unequivocally provides him with nothing but love and beauty.

His method is creation through destruction. But, what has been stolen can never be returned.

Misconstrued elevation has yeilded a lowered vibration that no longer resonates with that of the earth.

He is no longer welcome.

Image: Robert Leydenfrost

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Overflow of Consciousness

    The tools used to close the faucet now lay broken next to its handle. This newly unregulated stream has given birth to an ever expanding abyss that now consumes vast amounts of energy, energy usually reserved for the animation of auric extension. Because of this, maneuvering has become next to impossible. Any remaining vitality must be harnessed in order to complete construction of the aetheric vessel, thus ensuring sanctuary for the avatarian system and its astral communication capabilities.