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Ambient music speaks to me in the same manner as abstract art. It forces me to cognitively engage and the interaction is always appreciated​, at least on my end.

Image: Artist Unknown

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Banging the War Drums

The banging of the war drums is akin to a music festival where war is celebrated instead of peace and the drugs in circulation are mind contracting snippets of misinformation and propaganda.

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Quantum Extraction

Take into consideration the unfathomable amount of information encoded into matter at the quantum level. Now think about how a song can immediately transport your perceived pinpoint in reality, senses intact(for the most part), to a specific event in your past.

You have essentially engaged in a teleportation of consciousness(or possibly a bilocation of consciousness).

So, (ignoring that consciousness is immeasurable at the moment),if sound can also rearrange the molecules of matter(cymatics), can it unlock the possibility of astral travel at a quantum level for the purposes of information extraction?

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Strike A Chord

When someone strikes a chord with you, they are connecting with you on an emotional or spiritual level. If it’s a positive connection, I think it’s possible,in certain instances, that a signal is being broadcast that lets you know they are part of your clan or “soul crew”. The chord resonates with you because the crew members you have gathered thus far each act as individual notes within that chord. The more complete your crew becomes, the more complex the chord, and the ability to explore arpeggiation becomes possible, allowing the individual members to unlock sequential esoteric information that benefits the chord (or crew) as a whole.