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Expedition Unknown

If the current existential parameters require the majority of our conscious functions to play out in this earth bound simulation,  we must continue expedition(s) into the esoteric so that our acquired bounty of knowledge will allow for a clear separation from the mass hallucination(s) within this plane.

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Shots Fired

They have given you blanks your whole life
Recoil has confused you into believing that the bullets you spit reflect knowledge and truth
The reality is that they have slowly taught you to disarm yourself
Leaving stockpiles of useless ammunition all around.
You have become defenseless against them.
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Overflow of Consciousness

    The tools used to close the faucet now lay broken next to its handle. This newly unregulated stream has given birth to an ever expanding abyss that now consumes vast amounts of energy, energy usually reserved for the animation of auric extension. Because of this, maneuvering has become next to impossible. Any remaining vitality must be harnessed in order to complete construction of the aetheric vessel, thus ensuring sanctuary for the avatarian system and its astral communication capabilities. 

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As the crown continues to feed the flames that engulf partisan bound protest and demonstration,  I’m left wondering if another anticivil engagement on American soil will take the place of an apolitical revolution.
As long as the majority of the genpop allow themselves to function with disdain for their fellow citizens, the cephelopodic reach of the masters and their minions will continue to expand.
Let us start this week off with some inner vision and introspection. Once we’ve perfected our self portraits,  we can hopefully refocus ourselves , as a whole, on the big picture.

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Force the Trip


Our perception of time appears to change as we age and also seems to be affected by positive and negative experience(s). The introduction of stimulants, depressants, and psychedelics can alter our perception of time, while sleep (including dream states) and meditation also decrease time awareness.

   The awake, “unaltered” adult requires a reliance on (but are not limited to) hormonal secretion and subconscious engagement  to regulate perception. There must be a way to rewire the mind to create a time “drag” during a pleasant experience and to perceive time as “flying by” during dismal events.

    Back to the drawing board…