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Esoteric Presents

While most animals have the capability of vocalization, all have developed means of communication through vibratory electronic impulses or some form of energy transference

Most humans experience only glimpses of non-vocal energy communication. Some have develpoed(both consciously and subconsciously)as broadcasters, some as receivers, and some as both. This is apparent when one vocalizes an idea that another only realizes as thought. But who can really tell in this scenario who the actual sender or receiver is? And, for that matter, are we even certain that the thought or idea originated in either one of the subjects? What about parallel or astral communication?

The capacity of our brains to not only mentally communicate with our own species, but all species, definitely exists. The evidence of these energetic data transfers can be seen in empaths, psychics, mediums, animal communicators, shamans, and many others. All of the these individuals possess these abilities and they are often referred to by others as “gifts”. All humans have these gifts waiting for them. Most have just yet to find and open them.

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I Am, Am I

Sender or receiver

Am I both, Am I neither

Is thought original

If borrowed from the origin


Conversing with myself

Lateral transmissions

Initiated by whom


Has he found me

Is he me

Am I me, Am I you



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Peaces of Anger

If the words or actions of another produce the emotion of anger, the initial step should be internal exploration. Your neural vaults house many deposits that only exist to serve your ego and ideals.

That being said, anger is not a wasted or negative emotion, it just requires more processing. If the reaction of anger is deemed valid, it can then be channeled into positive action or response.

Refusal, Resistance, Rebellion, and Revolution are all products of anger. In spite of traditional definitions and negative connotation, ALL can be carried out peacefully and with positive intent.

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Starving the Ego Monster

While human nature directs us towards the emotional needs for acceptance and recognition, it is also important to recognize that this can  lead to an ego driven  distribution of  information and ideas.  Through personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that the my  need for recognition and  value has overshadowed the purpose of me writing in the first place, which is to simply distribute information and provoke thought.  By using language and terms that are not part of everyday conversation I believe I alienate some of the people that I am trying to reach or talk to. I essentially have to separate my writing mind from my talking mind.  It is definitely more important to spread information, theories and ideas than it is to present them in an eloquent, or articulate manner. My wish for “future me” is to present things to people in a manner that encourages (not discourages) conversation or action.

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The Greek philosopher Heraclitus (500 BC) was one of the first to use and define the term “Logos”. It was defined as , “the rational structure of the cosmos that orders and controls the universe.” While this definition can be interpreted in different ways, it’s generally accepted that he was talking about the universal force that everything else is created from and related to. Out of Logos come all of the layers of energy and forces that occur and exist. ((A)ether, consciousness, electricity, magnetism, gravity, etc.). Another interpretation of the meaning is, “the Word of God, or principle of divine reason and creative order.”

The current meaning of “logos” is quite different from the ancient philosopher’s definition. A logo (singular) is defined as, “Recognizable and distinctive graphic design, stylized name, unique symbol, or other device for identifying an organization”.

Knowing that advertising and marketing use manipulative means to convince consumers that they need certain products, it’s feasible to suggest that these companies use their logos as symbolic tools to create trends and false demand for their products.  Their definition of the term logo(s) is actually a combination of the two meanings.

It is no coincidence that these logos or symbols are subconsciously implanted in our minds not only as representations of organizations, but as an intended understanding that they represent positive energy, creativeness, attraction and unity. These symbols along with the language used within the images or through marketing combine to form a mind manipulation process that exists to feed the consumers products that are both inferior and unnecessary.


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Watch Your Mouth

Shapes and lines are everywhere. They are how we define beauty. They are what all we know functions inside of. To be outside of the LINES is to be out of bounds, but to be past a goal LINE is celebrated. It is undesirable to be out of SHAPE, but if you SHAPE up good things will come your way. Coloring outside the LINES is discouraged, and standing in LINES is how order is maintained. You get the idea. The slave systems put in place to control us SHAPE our minds and keep us in LINE. These are not coincidences. We have subconsciously been fed bs and programmed to adhere to these controlling social norms through the marketing of sports, trends, products, you name it. Wake up people, the power of linguistics is real…