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To Ignore or Know?

Those who live a life of ignorance can never truly experience bliss in this life or the next, those who continuously seek knowledge have the power to control their own destiny.

Once you succumb to IGNORE – ance , fill your life with institutions that promote it, and surround yourself with others who subscribe to it, you have essentially  built a wall around your mind,body and spirit. This metaphorical wall not only keeps people, ideas and knowledge out, it creates a prison that you cannot escape. This is very evident in people who function in absolutes, those who claim to absolutely know the truth or the way. Ultimately, anything that challenges their truth(s) become automatically false.

On the other hand, if your trinity (mind,body,spirit) functions in a state of cognisance or awareness, you are able to remain open-minded and free to explore all possibilities. By not being grounded by absolutes you allow yourself to become elevated and rise above the bullshit.

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Drugs and Demons

The DEA lists Cannabis, LSD, Peyote, and Psilocybin as Schedule 1 drugs.

The demonization and criminalization of substances that heal and expand peoples’ minds keeps them dependent on endless cycles of pharmaceuticals and allows the force feeding of trends, laws, and Amerikan standards to ensure they are constantly sick, distracted and in need of direction from government,religious,educational and corporate authority.

They are not protecting you from yourself, they are protecting themselves from you.

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Religious Terrorism

It’s been explained to me that a simple interpretation of the Christian Gospel is that Christ died for man’s sins and by accepting Christ as your lord and savior you ascend into heaven as he did when you die. The idea is not to perfect your soul or live a life of morality, you accept that you are not perfect and that all of your decision/actions need not to be over analyzed because the lord recognizes you are not perfect and forgives and loves unconditionally. Also, to question and deny that Christ is your savior is a golden ticket to the fires of hell.  No wonder the self proclaimed Christian nation of Amerika takes issue with aborting possible “children of Christ” but no issue whatsoever when  murdering men, women and children of other nations and cultures for resources and Christian advancement. Quite frankly, I’m surprised Onward Christian Soldiers isn’t the anthem of the U.S. military.  And why wouldn’t followers perform acts that are only self-serving to their beliefs, anything that negatively affects others would be forgiven because Jesus is in their heart and because of this they are ultimately performing the lord’s work. Cut the shit, no higher power would support limited access and the suppression of knowledge, demonizing anything that doesn’t fit into the belief system, eternal damnation for non-believers and killing in the name of God.  It’s worse than racism and sexism, it’s terrorism on so many levels.  So, to my Christian brothers and sisters: May the universe guide you back to the path of embracing humanity, nature, and the interconnection of all things in existence.

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Hallucinagenic Healing

From 1959 -74 research was conducted on children with autism(at the time referred to as childhood schizophrenia or mental retardation WTF) in the form of dosing them with small amounts of LSD. While the results are arguably positive (steps were not always taken to control doses and the environment), I think this should be actively researched once again. There are many reports of adults diagnosed with aspergers who take LSD, psolocybin and DMT and have very positive lasting effects. Re-connection to the world, ability to develop relationships, accurately expressing themselves and nurturing their abilities are just a few examples. Shit, I even have a great friend (diagnosed with aspergers) that went from a shy young man that never talked and worked in a coffee shop to a marine biologist/deep sea diver that builds his own guitars. This transformation was produced through self experimentation with hallucinogens and THC. So maybe start with aspergers research and work our way back to childhood autism. I think there’s something there.