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Relik – Preview 2

The first major expedition back to E-1 yielded aetherialyte. The valley (of the kings) appeared much different than I had remembered.

The ancients had hidden their secret well, but not well enough. Location and excavation was made simple by the fact that our guide had ruled over these lands before the sand, and now ice , covered his kingdom.  We later discovered that the stones had been placed under the sarcophagi of all Egypt’s kings, and with astral travel now possible, our goals now appeared to be a touch more attainable.

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Relik – Preview 1

2153 A.D. , the year the last remaining permanent residents abandoned the Earth. Guage remembered the ships exiting the atmosphere towards their solar destination, as the lunar outpost, from which he observed, had long become uninhabitable for humans since the cooling of the sun…