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Drugs and Demons

The DEA lists Cannabis, LSD, Peyote, and Psilocybin as Schedule 1 drugs.

The demonization and criminalization of substances that heal and expand peoples’ minds keeps them dependent on endless cycles of pharmaceuticals and allows the force feeding of trends, laws, and Amerikan standards to ensure they are constantly sick, distracted and in need of direction from government,religious,educational and corporate authority.

They are not protecting you from yourself, they are protecting themselves from you.

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Say Nope to Change

Do you really think the powers that be would let the people choose a candidate who would actually have the power to change any part of a government that is the ultimate crowd-funded system of enslavement and oppression? They have duped the population into believing that the people need the government (in its current form) to function, when in all reality they cannot do anything without the people. It’s going to take a collective “nope” to produce a change. I think the enthusiasm and willingness for change is present in most people, we just need to focus our efforts(or lack of) in the right direction(s).

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Prostitution, gambling and drugs are illegal (for the most part) because they all are huge producers of revenue that bypass the tax system. Plus since prison privatization occurred in the 90s, the corporate owned penal system makes BILLIONS from the incarcerated who have committed “crimes against morality”
Morality should not be governed by any form of authority because morality is ultimately defined by the individual or the individual’s belief system, both of which have no place whatsoever in the legal system.

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Exposing Future Laws

Only through pages of ink and paper bound by glue, passed through the processes of editing and publishing can real knowledge come.

All other avenues of information shall be immediately discredited because of their lack of adherence to the processes set forth to maintain the integral views and ideas of the state.

Self published and edited materials that bypass the selection and distribution process shall also be deemed invalid or incredible.

Ideas, opinions, theories, and conceptions that mean to challenge
the principles above and threaten the processes set forth by these principles shall immediately be dismissed and subjected to ridicule.

Persons who attempt to validate any and all information and supposed knowledge derived from any outlet (spoken or written) other that those processed and accepted by the state shall also be ridiculed, discredited and outcast.