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Journey to Center

I have no excuse for this behavior, and therefore will not be providing any.  Expectations will be equivalent for those who cross or embark on this expedition. Inquisition and criticism are not only welcome, but required. The voiceless will be spoken for, however those reluctant to speak will be expelled for their deficiency. No leaders, JUST followers. Followers of conscious illumination that conspires to extinguish the darkness they have reigned down upon us.


Image: Artist Unknown

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Fire lights the sky.

Dirt, soft  from burial.

No need to cleanse this new skin.

The eyes, they feel the same, though they are not.

Ever-changing shades, how different the scent.

Courses, taste bitter as usual.

Over consumption bleeds exhaustion,

Frailty and bruises sink, no room in the shallows,

My hangman, the Windsor, is calling.



Image: Alex Grey

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Mystical Mountain

The veil hides your face, but your voice echoes through the leaves.  You are my reason, my existence demands your presence. Yet, I cannot join you, as I am not my best self.  I won’t burden your canyon stream with this energy, even if it’s the only way to heal me.


Image: Cheyenne Mountain – Roger Perales

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Eviction Notice

The mark of the beast, left by man, on a world that unequivocally provides him with nothing but love and beauty.

His method is creation through destruction. But, what has been stolen can never be returned.

Misconstrued elevation has yeilded a lowered vibration that no longer resonates with that of the earth.

He is no longer welcome.

Image: Robert Leydenfrost