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If I Make It To 82

I made a new friend today.  A self proclaimed 82 year old gym rat named George. While my initial instinct was to put my headphones back into my ears and disappear into my own world again, something inside told me that I needed to participate in some actual face to face conversation.  George and I talked about the youth of today and their submersion into technology.  We spoke of old “war wounds” and how we wished we could do the things we used to do. Even though we were separated by over 44 years, we seemed to have a lot in common.  He talked about his navy days and mentioning to his superiors he was a bit of a boxer and how he dreaded fighting the “Boys from Chicago” who always seemed to whip up on him.  We noticed a few parents teaching their children how to exercise and agreed that a healthy  body complements a healthy mind. George mentioned his doctors telling him he pretty much does a lot of things wrong and I said, “I think we all do.” Before he moved on, he mentioned the youth of today again, asking, “How can they even get into trouble or get into a fight if all they do is play on their phones, play video games, or watch TV?”. ” That’s when you really learn something about yourself”, George said, “When you get in trouble or get into a fight, you figure out who you really are.” I agreed, finally introduced myself, and shook his hand as he moved on to another station. And at that moment, I learned a little bit about myself. I want to be like George if I make it to 82.


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