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Hide and Seek

The soul’s darkest night,

An absence of light,

Journey to the center of myself,

The past left behind,

Only truth I will find,

“Reality” left on a shelf,

With bruises and burns,

No stone left unturned,

I search endlessly through the night,

The breadcrumbs I see,

All  pieces of me,

Reassembled, I reach for the light.


Image: Artist Unknown




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Go With the Flow

Our emotions are fluid, ever-changing,  and represented by the element water and the tarot suit of cups. For one to master their own emotions, it requires the work of a true magician.

When we view ourselves from a microcosmic point of view, (while in the midst of inner work or self assessment(s)), it is through the lonely lens of the viewer, disconnected from the macrocosm that is the collective (city,state,country,planet, galaxy,universe).  Inside this point of singularity, it is common to lose the vision of universality, or the macrocosm.

With the continuous maintenance and transformation of our individual existence, it is extremely important to remain or become mindful of our impact on the collective. While we as individuals are but a raindrop (or teardrop in some cases) in the storm, and eventually the ocean, we are also that storm, and the ocean.

It is not whether the glass (the cup) is half full or half empty, it is the necessity to realize that we are both the vessel and the liquid. When our “cup runneth over”, it spills into the abyss of not only human emotion, but the emotion of all that engulfs the macrocosm.

Our emotions flow through us and into all that surrounds as a constant current.  They can behave as a soft, cleansing stream or act out as destructive tidal wave, depending on the aspects of emotion that’s carried.

Remember that you (we) can also always effect change, just be conscious of what position on the emotional spectrum is flowing out of you.

IMAGE: Artist Unknown

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Project Project

We are nothing more than beasts while existing in this suspension, bound to our capsules, unless we resonate with the frequency of the universe. We must learn to project our consciousness, our being, our souls in order to transcend the confines of flesh, of borders, and this realm. Until then, the healing process can never truly begin.


Image: Kevin M. Gill

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Divine Balance

The union of male and female, in the alchemical sense, references an internal divine balance of the archetypal masculine and feminine energies. Through this internal marriage of Sun and Moon, the Phoenix is born, rising from the ashes to ascend into the realm of consciousness.
Painting by Emily Balive
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Be Foolish, Be Soulful

Society, Culture, and Religion all promote congregation and “herd” or “mob” mentality. Those who challenge the thoughts , beliefs, or theories of the mob are often ridiculed, demonized, and ostracized.

It is only the fool that can separate self from other to take the journey within, through the depths of inner hell, and emerge a soulful being.

Be the DARK KNIGHT of your own SOUL.

Image Courtesy Of: Godfrey Dowson (The Hermetic Tarot)