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Journey to Center

I have no excuse for this behavior, and therefore will not be providing any.  Expectations will be equivalent for those who cross or embark on this expedition. Inquisition and criticism are not only welcome, but required. The voiceless will be spoken for, however those reluctant to speak will be expelled for their deficiency. No leaders, JUST followers. Followers of conscious illumination that conspires to extinguish the darkness they have reigned down upon us.


Image: Artist Unknown

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We are Resistance

Knowledge is the key,

Your mind you will set free,

Just one more eye to see,

That we’re in trouble,


But it’s not over yet,

Though imminent the threat,

When placing down your bet,

Make it double,


Assembling of the clans,

How intricate our plan,

Every woman, every man,

In the distance,


Warriors wide awake,

What was stolen we will take,

No more compromise to fake,

We are resistance.