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Order Followers

A major piece of the conditioning of order followers is a reliance on and respect for authority. Anything(anyone) that challenges this principle is viewed as an enemy.
The indoctrinated also have been trained to believe that they are the only ones who are fully “aware” of reality and capable of defending or saving others from any related harshness.
These systems are responsible for creating closed minded individuals with superiority complexes. This is by design. This is part of the division/deception initiative.

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Participation is Perpetuation 

I cannot, in good conscience and in accordance with my ethics, morals, and principles, participate in or perpetuate a system that uses all its faculties to diminish its own peoples’ wealth, well being, and cognitive abilities so that they may be more easily controlled and therefore unable to assemble to express any form of dissension or resistance to the system.

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The Caterpillar

As I weave the last few layers of my silken tomb, the temptation of flight is almost too much to handle. The thought of fluttering, velvet wings, reflecting the guiding starlight, consumes the darkest spaces of my mind.

Previous transformations have denied me my wings. It feels as though the celestial bodies have conspired against me. Maybe my longing lacks purity as my imagination often includes beautiful visions of my new self. Vanity denied.

Perhaps my perception is a bit skewed. And as I refocus, I’m left not with the vision of the butterfly, but with an overwhelming feeling of control. I can reinvent myself in any manner I desire, the only limit is my imagination. I shall put down my needle and thread and instead raise my antennas towards the sky and await transmission.

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Monster Magnet

I hear the monster calling.

A voice from within or a faint cry from the distance, I cannot tell.

Forever uncaged, he is free to roam, farther then I have ever gone, or am willing to at this point.

As strong as I feel that I am, there is no protection from his spell(s), not even the ability to reel in the cast.

I can see through his eyes, but his actions I cannot control. Complete control of my actions, however, is accessible to him as long as I continue to answer his call.

He knows I’ll always need him.



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Field Trip

     Through meditation, psychoactive assistance, sensory deprivation, dreams, etc., one can transcend material existence. But how do we translate or discern the information gathered from these aetheric expeditions? We cannot accurately explain these findings in the material world. The audience is plagued by sensory perceptions unique to their terrestrial vehicles and operating system(s). Vision and hearing deficiencies, as well as pallet and texture limitations only allow for understanding relative to the physical realm. I am hopeful that our continuous journeys into the aether lead to new discoveries enabling us to function completely as conscious beings, allowing for widespread dissemination and understanding of all results. Pack your bags.

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When we last came, in our respective planetary forms, the tribal representatives created a new race through combinations of their DNA and organic material indigenous to the host planet. Some external attributes of the council members (skin tone,facial features, eye color, etc.) were gifted in this process to the new species. Although the beings could reproduce and function independent of outside influence, the sole purpose of their creation was to act as hosts to our consciousness.

Throughout human existence, these sleeper cells have been activated by means of signal transmission using the aetheric field(collective consciousness). They(we) are also able to communicate telepathically and gain knowledge of esoteric or akashic information by accessing this field of consciousness.

During the awakening process, an underlying decision awaits. How will the acquired knowledge and power be put to use within this realm of existence? The newly enlightened choose between two opposing factions, the light workers and the dark lords. Through the centuries, active recruitment for both sides has produced a balance of power.

While the universe craves balance, the desire for resolution is stronger. The council is growing tired of this opposition/conflict. I am here to tell you that YOU have a choice, whether you are an external conscious being or earth attached being. Darkness and deception or light and love,only one faction will be allowed to remain. Hold the light my friends.