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Quantum Extraction

Take into consideration the unfathomable amount of information encoded into matter at the quantum level. Now think about how a song can immediately transport your perceived pinpoint in reality, senses intact(for the most part), to a specific event in your past.

You have essentially engaged in a teleportation of consciousness(or possibly a bilocation of consciousness).

So, (ignoring that consciousness is immeasurable at the moment),if sound can also rearrange the molecules of matter(cymatics), can it unlock the possibility of astral travel at a quantum level for the purposes of information extraction?


One thought on “Quantum Extraction

  1. Great concept, I like it. Yes, I think it would be akin to bilocation of consciousness. Maybe quantum entanglement could be applied here, more specifically quantum teleportation, which perhaps has the ability to not only send information through space but time!

    Further thought to ponder: Vedic theory suggests that memory is not in our brain, it is in the universe, and our souls can access it at any time. Perhaps a scientific explanation is our entanglement with these memories allows for the quantum teleportation of this information whenever we choose to access it.

    Could we somehow access these same memories after reincarnation if the information is still present in the universe? Do we see glimpses of this when we experience deja vu?

    I love that there is not a duality between science and spirituality when contemplating quantum theory (in my mind at least). I can enjoy the two harmoniously.

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