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Esoteric Presents

While most animals have the capability of vocalization, all have developed means of communication through vibratory electronic impulses or some form of energy transference

Most humans experience only glimpses of non-vocal energy communication. Some have develpoed(both consciously and subconsciously)as broadcasters, some as receivers, and some as both. This is apparent when one vocalizes an idea that another only realizes as thought. But who can really tell in this scenario who the actual sender or receiver is? And, for that matter, are we even certain that the thought or idea originated in either one of the subjects? What about parallel or astral communication?

The capacity of our brains to not only mentally communicate with our own species, but all species, definitely exists. The evidence of these energetic data transfers can be seen in empaths, psychics, mediums, animal communicators, shamans, and many others. All of the these individuals possess these abilities and they are often referred to by others as “gifts”. All humans have these gifts waiting for them. Most have just yet to find and open them.


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