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Morlock Enlightenment

SO. Are the Elite the Eloi and the rest of us Morlocks? And if so, why can’t we step into the light to escape our subterranean or subservient existence?

I would say yes, we are Morlocks, existing to be providers for the Eloi, or Elite. BUT, we have been duped into believing that we cannot climb out of our dark prison into the light.

Wells alluded to the Eloi as being beautiful and godlike, but he also described them as simple minded and lacking the initiative to perform labor of any kind.

The same forces that have pulled the wool over Morlock eyes have also given the Eloi a God complex. And while I do not subscribe to them being all that simple minded, I do think the God complex creates blinders for them.

The time machine represents access to consciousness, and the time traveler is a spirit guide or observer. Our job is to find the strength to step into light, access collective consciousness, and take back control from the Eloi.


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