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Religious Terrorism

It’s been explained to me that a simple interpretation of the Christian Gospel is that Christ died for man’s sins and by accepting Christ as your lord and savior you ascend into heaven as he did when you die. The idea is not to perfect your soul or live a life of morality, you accept that you are not perfect and that all of your decision/actions need not to be over analyzed because the lord recognizes you are not perfect and forgives and loves unconditionally. Also, to question and deny that Christ is your savior is a golden ticket to the fires of hell.  No wonder the self proclaimed Christian nation of Amerika takes issue with aborting possible “children of Christ” but no issue whatsoever when  murdering men, women and children of other nations and cultures for resources and Christian advancement. Quite frankly, I’m surprised Onward Christian Soldiers isn’t the anthem of the U.S. military.  And why wouldn’t followers perform acts that are only self-serving to their beliefs, anything that negatively affects others would be forgiven because Jesus is in their heart and because of this they are ultimately performing the lord’s work. Cut the shit, no higher power would support limited access and the suppression of knowledge, demonizing anything that doesn’t fit into the belief system, eternal damnation for non-believers and killing in the name of God.  It’s worse than racism and sexism, it’s terrorism on so many levels.  So, to my Christian brothers and sisters: May the universe guide you back to the path of embracing humanity, nature, and the interconnection of all things in existence.


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