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Hallucinagenic Healing

From 1959 -74 research was conducted on children with autism(at the time referred to as childhood schizophrenia or mental retardation WTF) in the form of dosing them with small amounts of LSD. While the results are arguably positive (steps were not always taken to control doses and the environment), I think this should be actively researched once again. There are many reports of adults diagnosed with aspergers who take LSD, psolocybin and DMT and have very positive lasting effects. Re-connection to the world, ability to develop relationships, accurately expressing themselves and nurturing their abilities are just a few examples. Shit, I even have a great friend (diagnosed with aspergers) that went from a shy young man that never talked and worked in a coffee shop to a marine biologist/deep sea diver that builds his own guitars. This transformation was produced through self experimentation with hallucinogens and THC. So maybe start with aspergers research and work our way back to childhood autism. I think there’s something there.


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