Posted in Consciousness, language

Starving the Ego Monster

While human nature directs us towards the emotional needs for acceptance and recognition, it is also important to recognize that this can  lead to an ego driven  distribution of  information and ideas.  Through personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that the my  need for recognition and  value has overshadowed the purpose of me writing in the first place, which is to simply distribute information and provoke thought.  By using language and terms that are not part of everyday conversation I believe I alienate some of the people that I am trying to reach or talk to. I essentially have to separate my writing mind from my talking mind.  It is definitely more important to spread information, theories and ideas than it is to present them in an eloquent, or articulate manner. My wish for “future me” is to present things to people in a manner that encourages (not discourages) conversation or action.


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