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Establishmentally Challenged

Our induction into the establishment begins with our birth. We are given official names that are recorded onto documents (birth certificates) and are issued our slave numbers (social security). Upon reaching a predetermined age, we are required by law to begin our journey through the education system for at least the next 12 years. We are taught to pledge allegiance to a kingdom that we know nothing about and can’t possibly comprehend at this young age.   Throughout our schooling, we are taught how to conform and submit to our rulers. We memorize elementary forms of knowledge that are only useful in gaining access to serve our employers and ultimately the system. At some point in our adolescence, most are introduced to the arrogance of religion and once again conformity and submission. By the time we are ready to either be released into the workplace or continue our path of mental inhibition, the false senses of freedom and individualism have been implanted into our psyche.

The beginning of our life of servitude through employment includes the signing of W2s and other government contracts. Through these processes we agree to fund the kingdom that exists to enslave us. We fund the court systems, the political campaigns, and the government agencies that help keep us in line and under control. We fund and fight in the wars that we know nothing about.

As a reward for our service to the kingdom, we are given the opportunity to obtain mortgages and pay property taxes, invest in the stock market and ask for approval from the kingdom for every important decision in life we make. We must obtain permission to drive, to become married, to own firearms etc. We continue to believe the myth of supply and demand and the free market. In the background, mortgage rates, property taxes, stock and oil as well as food prices are decided upon based on the needs of the kingdom.

Through continued faith that our  rulers have our best interests in mind, we feed and medicate ourselves with FDA approved poison while the EPA consents to the crippling of our environment and water supply with geoengineering, chemical additives and destructive resource harvesting. Mass media outlets manipulate our cognitive ability to reason and feed us scripted messages, misinformation and glorify products and trends that help keep us on the hamster wheel.

It all seems so incurable, but there is hope. By realizing how the kingdom operates, we can break through our social programming and begin to share information and knowledge of these crimes against us and help awaken those around us. We will continue to learn how to grow our own (healthy) food again, create barter systems or new forms of “money”, develop new energy sources, educate ourselves with real knowledge, and come together to support community and culture.

Darkness and negative energy have no power against light and positive energy. Once you allow yourself to function with hope, optimism and love you can release the fear that has held your soul hostage and separated you from your purpose.




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