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Teleport Your Consciousness

The mention or even whisper of the ideas of teleportation or psychokinesis usually trigger immediate dismissal followed by some form of ridicule.  The reasoning behind this knee jerk reaction is that we have only been taught elementary forms of math and science, just enough knowledge to keep us functioning as worker bees but not enough to create and nurture our own theories and ideas. (not to mention the socially accepted distractions that occupy and discourage us from attempting these processes). While many believe that dreams and the use of hallucinogenic substances either trick the mind or are results of our minds “playing tricks” on us, I would argue that dreams (along with meditation) and chemical(natural) shortcuts give us access to not only parallel dimensions, but also provide a virtual passport to the akashic (etheric) field and the ability to receive and interpret universal knowledge.  The argument over the existence of time also plays a role in the minds capability to accept the idea of telekinesis . While the implication of time helps us define hours,days, months etc., it also hinders our ability to conceptualize that everything (all information, knowledge, choices, outcomes etc.) exists in an infinite constant.  Most people relate the idea of “time-travel” to teleportation.  This once again implies that time exists, therefore suggesting that to travel through time one must create a vehicle or pathway to achieve access to another point in it. The other problem with “time-travel” is the assumption that your mind or consciousness requires a vessel to move between locations within the constraints of time.  While I’m not suggesting everyone run out and start experimenting with DMT or psilocybin, what I am suggesting is for those that haven’t already, start the deprogramming process, release your preconceived thoughts and beliefs on the occult and esoteric knowledge and begin accepting the endless possibilities of your consciousness.



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